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Farewell Caricatures

Examples of farewell caricatures that our caricature artists have created for others.  A great way to:

  • Get ideas
  • See our quality & unique style
  • Maybe get a good laugh

Keep in mind:

  • Your farewell caricature is hand-drawn from scratch based on your photos and your ideas - not heads plopped on a template.
  • If you happen to want one like an example, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

Farewell Caricatures - More Info   Order

sportscar with golf beer farewell to factory
nurse farewell caricatures suitcase airplane tickets
relaxing cabin deck farewell stress caricature
farewell man office 11 years service gift
couple farewell caricatures on the road
teacher farewell caricatures students butterflies
farewell gift caricature messy office phone
man running away from dc farewell caricature
man farewell caricature running from company truck
farewell caricatures sailing away from city
caricatures farewell truck driver destinations out west
family farewell caricatures in front of house
leaving canada to usa group farewell caricatures
couple dog farewell framed caricatures over map
farewell waving from company car gift
flying map of usa caricature farewell signable mat
farewell gift caricature chick-fil-a pickup truck cowgirl
military farewell caricature surfing away
farewell banner man hiking on beach caricatures
farewell busy desk phone caricature gift
caricature waving goodbye to office from convertible