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Graduation Caricatures

Examples of graduation caricatures that our caricature artists have created for others.  A great way to:

  • Get ideas
  • See our quality & unique style
  • Maybe get a good laugh

Keep in mind:

  • Your graduation caricature is hand-drawn from scratch based on your photos and your ideas - not heads plopped on a template.
  • If you happen to want one like an example, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

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group graduate caricatures on usa map
caricature graduate jumping with bulldog
caricatures harry potter chemistry graduate
caricatures graduate on stage gift
college graduate caricature beach beer
doctor cardiologist graduate dancing caricature
framed gift graduate hawaii caricature
framed runner georgetown graduate caricature
framed caricature accounting graduate college
hs soccer graduate leave for college caricature
graduate tv broadcastor framed caricature
accounting graduate jumping joy caricatures
high school graduate jumping for joy
high school grad band cheer dog caricatures
gift caricatures graduate in front of college
framed gift tv newscast caricatures graduate
college graduate caricatures diploma car
graduate caricature gift batman
gymnastics graduate award caricature
college graduate caricature diploma university
runner georgetown graduate caricature
newlywed graduates running from college
framed caricature traveling finance graduate
college education graduate caricature running
graduate astronomy space beach cape canaveral
graduate police law enforcement caricature
law graduate heels on desk caricature gift