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Lawyer-Judge Caricatures

Examples of lawyer / judge caricatures that our caricature artists have created for others.  A great way to:

  • Get ideas
  • See our quality & unique style
  • Maybe get a good laugh

Keep in mind:

  • Your lawyer caricature is hand-drawn from scratch based on your photos and your ideas - not heads plopped on a template.
  • If you happen to want one like an example, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

Lawyer Caricatures - More Info   Order

caricature woman lawyer sitting in scales
caricature lawyer smartphone scales messy office
caricatures male lawyer sitting in scales
caricatures lawyers team gift
gift caricatures judge lawyer gavel on phone
caricature gift judge lawyer gavel flag
caricatures gift judge lawyer gavel court
caricature gift woman lawyer in scales justice
caricature gift woman judge lawyer courtroom
caricature law graduate scales diploma gift
caricatures judge lawyer team courtroom
caricatures lawyer courtroom drink
caricature gift lawyer courtroom judge papers