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Wedding Caricatures

Examples of wedding caricatures that our caricature artists have created for others.  A great way to:

  • Get ideas
  • See our quality & unique style
  • Maybe get a good laugh

Keep in mind:

  • Your wedding caricature is hand-drawn from scratch based on your photos and your ideas - not heads plopped on a template 
  • If you happen to want one like an example, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos

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caricature wedding couple monte carlo casino
caricature gift wedding couple hand in hand
newlywed couple horse-drawn carriage caricature
wedding couple kissing at venue caricatures
wedding couple fishing sunset caricature gift
wedding couple caricature favorite rock band and dogs
wedding thank you caricature text
wedding couple in front of covered bridge
fishing wedding couple dock sunset caricature
gift groom carrying bride wedding cake
wedding caricature mr & mrs smith movie poster
bride and groom in library caricature gift
wedding invitation caricature vintage car
groom proposing disneyland caricature gift
wedding happily ever after cat caricature gift
wedding group caricatures batman emerald city
groom carrying bride fishing resort lake
wedding couple gift sunflower field caricature
groom carrying bride down steps dog caricature gift
bride carrying groom disneyland caricature frame