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Photo Guidelines

Upload Your Photos

The best way to get photos to us is to login and upload them directly to your order. It's fast, the photos are immediately attached to your order, and there's no cost.

  1. Review Photo Guidelines below
  2. Acceptable file types to send are: .tif, .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd
  3. If photos are received more than 1 business day after your order is placed, we will need to re-calculate your Proof date.
  4. If your caricature or photos have more than one person, please clearly indicate who is who.

Do Not Email Photos

  1. Do not email photos because they can delay your order and add costs.
  2. In rare cases, we will accept emailed photos and upload them for you at $3 per photo.

Photo Guidelines

  • Big and clear. Head should be larger than 2 inches, with good resolution.
  • Front or 1/4 turn view.  We need to see the shape of the face.
  • Clearly show the subject's facial features - eyes, nose and mouth definition. No sunglasses (unless they'll be wearing them in the caricature).
  • Capture the person's typical smile or common expression. If you want the person drawn smiling, then we will need a photo of the person smiling. If you want them drawn angry, we'll need a photo of that, etc.

Examples of Good Photos

Examples of good photos

Examples of Bad Photos

Examples of bad photos
  • Small, blurry or dark.
  • Head turned, face obstructed by hands, etc.
  • Slanted or bashful face is bad because it changes the structure and demeanor of the face and shows an expression that is rare.
  • Squinted eyes.